So I am sitting here taking a break from writing when I feel a hand on my shoulder.


“Oh, it’s you guys, Hi Go, Rav, Abba, oh, and there is Kona behind you.”


GoSpeed cross her arms. “So taking a break eh? You will finish the story, right?”


“Definitely, I promise. I just have to attend to some real life stuff first. You know, a wedding and visiting family and all that stuff.”


“Sure, that’s understandable. We know you’ll get back to it.” , Rav added with a raised eyebrow.


Abba cleared her throat and added, “We want more character development. Your story is only 67 pages long. That’s hardly a novella. Of the three of us I still feel like an enigma.”


“A lot has been invested in me and Rav over the last 8 or so years. You know us pretty well but I don’t think it’s coming across in print very well. Will you tell the reader what makes us tick? What motivates us, what we feel?”


“Honestly guys I am trying. This is the first real story I’ve ever written. I’m learning this as I do it. Just cut me some slack. OK?”


Kona steps out front and says, “You made me a dog, a freakin’ dog! Don’t tell me that’s gonna be easy. Also this second story you’ve started, why am I not in it?”


“Because it takes place 5,000 years before you were born. But I tell you what. GoSpeed could have a pet dog called Kona.”


“Hmmm, I guess that’s OK, what sort of dog?”


“A Border Collie of course!”


“OK, I’ll let it slide for now.”


(Well she was easy to please. I guess I do know her better than I thought.)


I can clearly see the skepticism on their collective faces and I try again to allay their fears.


“Guys, I promise I will do better by you. I have so many story ideas I want to explore. They always say your first story isn’t your best. MY other stories will be better. You remember Ginger don’t you?”


Go and Rav nod yes.


“She’s offered to help me. She and her boss will offer constructive criticism. This story will be shared. Period. Capice?”


“OK, we’ll trust you. Please don’t let us down.”, said GoSpeed
I smile and turnabout in my seat to face the screen and do a little more writing before bedtime……