Below is a selected piece from the second novel I have started to write. I am taking a slightly different tack with this one and am writing out of sequence when the mood strikes. I found that writing from start to finish can often lead to ideas for future events to fall by the wayside. So as I get a great scene in my head I go ahead and write it down. They may be modified or even deleted entirely as I get to them in the story, but I feel it will be a great help overall. This scene depicts Marty Martian on a date 2 years after the events of the first novel.


Marty lay with his back against the trunk of the smooth-barked tree. It was already a few hours past noon and the warmth and humidity of the day was wearing him down. The broad branches of the tree kept him in the cooler shade and allowed him to remove his sunglasses. The modest southerly wind brought moist air up from the gulf where it lifted above the short hills to the south, glided over the broad valley, and then pushed up the tall mountains behind them to the north. Towering clouds began to pile up ominously above the peaks and the bases began turning dark. Soon they’d have to seek the cover of a nearby shelter or at least ride out any storm in their car. Darn convertible, he’d have to get the top pulled up too. He didn’t want to return it to Anthony’s Car Rentals with the insides all wet.

A slight murmur snapped him out of his thoughts. Next to him lay a lovely young woman sleeping on a blanket. “Ahh Marie”, he mused as he smiled to himself. She was the most carefree woman he had ever met. She was also very beautiful. Ivory skin, dark brown eyes, wavy brown hair and crimson colored lips. Her skin glistened from moisture that wasn’t sweat, but the mist of a waterfall that roared nearby. She’s going to need a towel for sure he mused. But knowing her she may just as well opt to go skinny dipping beneath the falls. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at Marty and smiled.

“Hey Marty, see something you like?”

“Yes. That’s a nice pattern on the blanket.”, he said with a straight face.

“You brat!”, she exclaimed and then she threw a cork at him. She giggled when he managed to swat the cork away.

“You are soaked to the bone Marie, I told you that you were too close to the falls. The wind shifted and the mist fell all over you.”

“Mmmm, it’s OK. The mist is keeping me cool in this torrid weather.”

“This is nothing. Try a tropical jungle while wearing combat gear. Now that’s torrid.”

“You’re such a world traveler Marty. You should take me to a tropical island some day.”

“You should dry off. The clouds are building over the mountains right now and I suspect we may get a storm any time now.”

“I could just jump into the waterfall and rinse of this sweat. I feel a little grungy.”

“I kind of thought you would. I’ll go fetch you some dry clothes from the car.”

“No peeking now!”

“I’ll turn my head. I promise.”

Marty walked to the car that was parked some 30 meters away. The roar of the falls grew softer and he heard what sounded like thunder off in the distance. Better hurry up he thought. His mind drifted back to Marie and he began thinking about his journey of self-discovery over the last few months. It had been a little over 2 years since his break up with GoSpeed. At the time he felt very little pain over it but more recently he felt some regret as to how it all played out. Granted he was essentially born again after the personality upgrade. That upgrade to his programming opened up his ability to feel more deeply but it came with a terrible revelation. To his dismay and he felt little compassion nor deep love for GoSpeed. Worse yet he did have feelings of resentment for her. He felt that GoSpeed had taken advantage of him before his upgrade. It was as if she had treated him as if he was a boy toy or as the used to say in the barracks, a fuck-buddy. Later he came to realize that even though she was more advanced than he was at the time, she too had an awakening of sorts. Sexual intimacy and bonding with a partner was a new experience for her. He was her first man in 40 years and she was making up for lost time. Sadly her needs and his needs did not mesh up well at that moment. He had learned to forgive her but he still wondered if she still hated him.

A rumble of thunder spilled down from the mountainsides. Definitely time to go Marty. Better get this top up now. Continuing his train of thought he mused about himself. Two years later and he still hadn’t figured out what love was about. Heck, he wasn’t sure he had felt the emotion of love yet. After the breakup with GoSpeed, he dated Kona Falconer, the woman who gave him rides to work until he could afford his own car. She was smart, independent, and very confident. She knew exactly where she was going in life. Things ultimately did not pan out for them because his work kept them separated for long stretches at a time. One day he realized they were no longer a thing. When Josie offered him a position at the new facility in Bay City he took advantage of it. Bay City was the new, happening place where anything could happen. Maybe he would find more answers to his questions here. He secured the roof and turned back to the falls. He could see that Marie was topless and dancing in the spray. He scooped up a towel and set of dry clothes from the back seat and slowly walked back to her. If she looked his way he’d make sure his eyes were looking down, lest he earned her melodramatic scorn.

“Just leave it by those rocks and stand behind the tree!”, she said as she submerged herself to her shoulders in the water.

He did as he was told and waited for her to give permission to look.

“OK, ready! Ta-dah!”

“Well aren’t you a sight darlin’”

“Why thank you, sir!”, she said and then promptly followed up with a curtsy.

A loud crack of thunder made her jump.

“Quick, grab the blanket and the basket and let’s go!”, commanded Marty.

They scooped up their belongings and ran down the dirt path to the car.

“Ow! Ow! Marty! I keep stepping on rocks!”

Marty scooped her up in his strong arms and ran with her to the car. She laughed and whooped playfully as the first heavy drops of rain landed all around them. They quickly threw the items in the back seat and got into the front seats of the car right before the heavy rains commenced. They looked at each other, slightly out of breath.

“Well, that was close. I almost got all wet.”, said Marty.

“You spoke too soon handsome.”, said Marie as she pulled him closer and planted a big wet kiss on his lips……