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Fishkill, NY

The day is over, time to relax on a warm blanket.

Ami : Go, I think Mrs Grouch is watching us.

GoSpeed: Let her watch, She has no power over me at all.

Ami: Really?

GoSpeed: Yup, if someone is going to hold a grudge for years, not say a word about it for years, and then throw it in your face without explaining why? You then come to the realization they really don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Ami: I would pity them.

GoSpeed: Why bother, it’s a waste of time and feelings. I’d rather feel good about someone than hate them or pity them. If they want to clear the air fine, otherwise I can do as I please.

Ami: Nods…. So what did you do today?

GoSpeed: I visited a nice large estate with plenty of open water and committed  acts of mass genocide.

Sunset in the Fruit Islands

Ami: What?

GoSpeed: I went fishing in my German trawler. I netted whole schools of fish and other sea life (including baby seals), asphyxiated them in the dry air and then placed them in  crates full of ice.

Ani: Go, you’re nuts.

GoSpeed: Yes I am!


One week later…….

I’ve been banned! Who knew fishing was illegal there! No note cards or signs? It’s a trap!


In the past two months my interest in Second Life has picked up with the advent of my rediscovering of sailing and flying. Flying is a bit trickier than sailing as the average speed is much higher. This higher velocity makes sim crossings more hazardous and exposes you to more ban lines and full parcels. Typically in the past sailboats were the ship to use. Powered boats were frowned upon as crass and too easy to use. That’s all changed now and powered vessels are common place on the grid’s waterways. Me being different prefers the bigger, less common ships. Ships like oil tankers, aircraft carriers and destroyers:

We get an airshow-2

SLS Konahawk sails the Blake Sea - 2
Underway in the Dire Straits-2

Approaching aircraft

See you on the high seas!

SL barfed up my lost objects

Last Saturday night I was DJing an opening at a comic art store and I rezzed a few items. As the even came to a close I began picking up my objects but encountered problems. Several of them disappeared and never made it back to my inventory. Not the first time it’s happened and I figured I lost them for good 😦 . However I was surprised to get an offline IM that several objects were returned today, Thursday the 21st. One was returned with this message :

Second Life: Your 2 objects have been returned to your inventory lost and found folder near parcel ‘1*TTJP Socks Shop Bay City’ at Bay City – Falconmoon 2, -1 because it went off-world.

and the other;
Second Life: Your object ‘Object’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder from parcel ‘1*TTJP Socks Shop Bay City’ at Bay City – Falconmoon 2, 0 due to parcel auto return.

Rezzing them produced some interesting discoveries:

A busted rotating tip jar:
Borked Tip Jar
no biggie, it’s copiable.

My Syrtaki line dance set:
Broken Dance set

and finally my prized posession, The Mach 5 Racer:
Busted Mach 5

A prim was out of place and ALL the scripts were missing, pretty much rendering it useless.

The tip jar, pffft. No big deal, but the original creators for the car and dance do not answer IMs. I guess I am pretty much hosed 😦 Has this ever happened to you?

The Linden Mainland has miles and miles of open water, flat-open spaces and roads. Yet they universally all seem to be No Build. If you want to rez a boat, plane or car you have to find somebody that has allowed build on their parcel. That can be a challenge since it’s usually pounded into people’s heads to turn off build to prevent griefing. You could  join a group or club to access their parcel, but it may cost you rental fees. How hard would it be for the Lindens to allocate public access areas where vehicles can be rezzed, yet have auto return on to remove clutter say after 2-3 minutes? Has anyone ever asked this before???

No place to rez a boat

Here’s a nice spot on the Northwest corner of Bay City that would be great for such a spot. What with private vehicle themed estates facing an uncertain future the desire and necessity of using Linden water and roads will only increase over the next few month. Are you Lindens listening?

WOW! Nimrod Yaffle IMed me last night and brought this to my attention. A Google image search for a “Speed Racer Helmet” brings two of my Flickr picks to the first page of the search results!

This is the car Nimrod is making:
MACH 5 work in progress

Friends and Sails

One of the great things about SL is the opportunity to meet new people and make friends with them. One such gem for me is MichelleD Ecksol who is a new music artist to make her mark in SL. I first met MichelleD via Jane2 McMahon who sent her to me because MichelleD needed help setting up her shoutcast stream. I can’t say I solved her problem that instant but we hit it off pretty good. I must say Michelle a bright and funny person. I can see why Crap Mariner dragged her and her hubby Scott into SL. Actually Scott isn’t quite in SL yet as he hasn’t been bitten by the bug yet so for now she puts out a cardboard cutout of him.
MichelleD Eckhols and Scott at the clocktower in Edloe

One thing you got to know about MichelleD. She’s got a healthy appettite:
MichelleD Eckols is chowing down

Sadly she has problems digesting the broccoli:
Chestnut, MichelleD and GoSpeed

Needing a breath of fresh air I took a little trip to Trudeau Cay (KONA Radio plays there 🙂 )
Sunset at Trudeau Cay

I took my Zinnemann40 out for a sail around the waters south of Hollywood (Hollywood is too laggy nowadays) but I kept crashing. 😦 Sim crossing were pretty bad and not only did it make me crash but it made for some funny effects like this:
Invisible boat OR Comet Zinnemann ???

The split second I took the pic the boat and my hair vanished. You can see the particle smoke that emanates from the top of the mast. It sort of looks like a comet by the moon!

I did come across Jacqueline Trudeau testing a new sailboat of hers. I’d love to show you but it too de-rezzed right before I took the pic. It was hilarious as we both shared a Wiley Coyote moment suspended over the water:
Jacqueline, I am afraid to look down

And now for a gratuitous closeup as I close this post 🙂
off to the side


Holiday’s Modern Yachts

Holiday’s Modern Yachts


One of the sponsors for KONA Radio is Brookston Holiday. Brookston is very well known for his line of large live aboard yachts. In 2007 he left the mainland and purchased his own island, Holiday Island. There he constructs and displays his vessels:
Holiday's Modern Yachts
Holiday Island

His ships in recent months have been getting MUCH larger, like the black sail yacht in the middle, the Celadon the next few shots will give you an idea how big it is:

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The continuing voyages of Lieutenant Commander Racer

See my post on Ravishal Ramblings for my encounter with a Dalek and subsequent trip of the USS Enterprise.

the Zooomr photoset

The old saw goes that the mainland sucks, it’s ugly, and it is not vehicle friendly. In many instances it is a laggy eyesore but it is a fascinating place as well with unique builds and features. The idea for a van ride came to me when Rav dropped a copy of the KONA Radio van into my inventory! Yipeee!!! A late Christmas present! I had visions of installing a few more seats and cruising around with friends. It was for naught though 😦 . I removed a few unnecessary turn lights and plunked in a couple of 1 prim chairs but I ended up sinking right through the pier or sinking into the Linden roads. Sigh, oh well I can try a bit later on. In the meantime I hit the roads and began a bit of exploring

I found a rather interesting place called Park and Ride.The main feature is a road map of the central continent with the points of interest marked on it. Parked next to the map there were a free to copy bus and bicycles. You people who live nearby know about this, I saw several buses lying on the side of the road further down the track:
Park and Ride
Park and Ride-2

The travel got a little dicey as I experienced rebooting sims in and near my path. I often encountered popup messages stating the server I had entered was of a different version than the one I had just left. Is this an implementation of the HET grid? While waiting for a sim to come back online I snapped this aerial dwelling:
Something in the air

Very steam-punkish and befitting of Caledon.

The Arcata sim was like hitting a wall of bricks. As soon as I crossed it returned my van and said that the sim was full to capacity. How could that happen? Doesn’t the road network have it’s own allowance for prims?
out of gas in Arcata

I walked the rest of the way across Arcata and re-rezzed my van. As it was getting dark and the rolling restarts were still checker boarding my path I decided to call it quits:
moving right along

Not a bad trip overall. The physics were good and the lag was very low. Unlike Edloe where a crazy maniac likes to play with the gravity switch!
A Wiley Coyote Moment