I started writing my second novel, We Built This City, back in January of this year. I am pleased to say I am nearing the finishing line and will complete my first draft by the end of this summer. My goal was 90,000 words and my current total is about 77,000.

Story progressThis is a status screen for the writing software I use, Writeway Pro. It’s made my writing process much easier than before because it allows me to properly format it and plan out what happens further into the story. It’s now FREE! Just register the program and they will hook you up with a code to register it.

Writeway Pro

Ultimately it is my goal to self-publish on Amazon as an e-book for Kindle and related devices. I’ll be needing the help of beta readers to help me with any story and character issues, as well as grammatical problems. I’ll also want to make up some appealing covers too.

Anyways, time to get back to writing!

Banging away at the keys